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If you played online or flash games, then you most likely know about This is one of the largest game websites in the world and it’s focused on creating a variety of games with unique concepts. According to numerous studies, this is the second largest gaming website which is privately owned.

Bussiness History

The company was started in 2001 by Tihan Presbie and Robertt Small with a tiny budget of around 40000 pounds but it quickly manages to grow thanks to the large amount of games that they have continually created. The company has turned profit each year from 2002 onward, with only the first year being in a loss. In the past two years it has managed to provide no less than 20 million pounds in revenue, a massive profit considering the initial investment.

What makes Miniclip special as a company is the fact that they deal with unregistered game players that can play against each other and generate tournaments. Players that register access a multitude of features which include game news feeds, as well as matchmaking, game avatars, leaderboards, avatars, achievements and many other nice features. The company also offers a ranking bar that makes it easy for players to see the reputation of one another as the Miniclip play online.

His Platforms

Although most of the Miniclip games are online only, there are a few that have been released on platforms like Windows Phone, Symbian, Android and iOS, among many others. These include Plague INC, Berry Rush as well as Bloons TD 5 and Gravity Guy. Not only that, but the company has also released multiple games for Windows 8 as well, offering a few exclusives that were also released on Xbox as well.

A company success

Miniclip has revolutionized the online gaming world in the past few years and it will continue to do so thanks to their great range of games and accessibility. With ease of use and amazing variety in regards to their games, Miniclip offers one of the best online gaming experiences out there!