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Editor: CatCap-Studio
Category: simulation
Requiriments: Android 2.3.3+
Official Link: Play Store
Game Rating:1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (377 votes, average: 3.00 out of 5)


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What is it? Description here

Most popular dress up and simulation game in Asia. Come explore the world of fashion with Nikki!

From cute school uniform to haute couture of the high end fashion, you have so many choices to make and countless numbers of combinations. Dress up your character in different ways to suit different occasions and events, and ultimately get high scores to unlock further story lines!

What to wear for these Events? Meow~ Fill up your wardrobe with pretty clothing and apparel, and dress up for Halloween, Christmas, New Yearǽƒ‚ª?s Eve ……

I just want to wear the most beautiful clothes~~

,:*:ǽƒ‚ª¶õ(Ç¶œÇ½ƒ€“¶«Ç¶œ)/ǽƒ‚ª¶õ:*ǽƒ‚ª¶õǂ¶ø ,:*:ǽƒ‚ª¶õ(Ç¶œÇ½ƒ€“¶«Ç¶œ)/ǽƒ‚ª¶õ:*ǽƒ‚ª¶õǂ¶ø ,:*:ǽƒ‚ª¶õ(Ç¶œÇ½ƒ€“¶«Ç¶œ)/ǽƒ‚ª¶õ:*ǽƒ‚ª¶õǂ¶ø 
There are not enough clothes in the department stores for Toasty.

Whether it is an innocent school uniform, a clean-cut office lady outfit, or a sexy dress for a night on the town, you can choose whatever your heart desires and match them up however you want to. Dressing up Toasty is all up to your fingertips.

A cutie like Toasty never lacks friends! A proud big sister, a mysterious boy detective and a handsome fashion designer will attend various fun events and experience this fantastic clothes changing journey with Toasty. In addition, you can hear everyoneǽƒ‚ª?s cute voice!

Naughty, funny and sharp-tongued pet Meowy will patiently shop with you and give you advice on your outfits. Can you make Toastyǽƒ‚ª?s outfits picture-perfect?

(*^Ç«^*) (*^Ç«^*) (*^Ç«^*) (*^Ç«^*)ǽƒ‚ª¶”ǜƒ‚ªƒ‚ªÇœƒ‚ªƒ‚ª 
Born to be pretty and crazy about fashion. I want to turn heads! 
Would you like to befriend Toasty?

ǽ- ǽƒ€“¶­Ç½- ǽƒ€“¶­Ç½- ǽƒ€“¶­Ç½- ǽƒ€“¶­Ç½- ǽƒ€“¶­Ç½- ǽƒ€“¶­Ç½- ǽƒ€“¶­Ç½- ǽƒ€“¶­Ç½- ǽƒ€“¶­Ç½- ǽƒ€“¶­Ç½- ǽƒ€“¶­

1ǜƒ‚ª¶One of a kind and amazingly detailed graphics; 
2ǜƒ‚ª¶Mix and match hundreds of special outfits. 
3ǜƒ‚ª¶Sweet dialogues that crack you up; 
4ǜƒ‚ª¶A unique rating system that gives complete ratings on your outfits. 
5ǜƒ‚ª¶Extensive achievement system that means more challenges and more clothes.

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