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Editor: PATI-Games-Corp
Category: roleplaying
Requiriments: Android 4.1+
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An epic adventure with 80 types of Heroes and 240 types of cute Minimons!

ǽƒ€“¶ô Features ǽƒ€”ƒ‚ª

1. A new world where you can prove your power, World Class RPG!
Global Ranking system available

2. Spectacular Graphics
Experience the spectacular skill effects and graphics only available on Full Action 3D

3. Housing system using various Skins and Items
Personal Customizing

4. Joy of Collecting
Create set items for the cute Minimons and Heroes

5. Strategical Gameplay
A strategical party with 5 different attribute combinations.

6. A wide variety of contents
Starting from the date of launch, you can enjoy Adventure Mode, Envoy's Story, Tower of Heroes, Raid Festival and even Arena.

7. In-depth stories
Stories with amazing effects and a new view of the world.

ǽƒ€“¶ô Official Websites ǽƒ€”ƒ‚ª
1. Official Facebook Page:

ǽƒ‚ª¶½ Available in English, Ç݃€”¶¾Çݏ“¶ªÇ”¶¦ó, Ç϶÷¶ðÇ݃€“ƒ€­Çõ¶û¶Ç¸¶®ƒ€, Çðƒ€½“Ǧ¶æ¶ðǪƒ€“¶ï

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