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Category: simulation
Requiriments: Android 4.2+
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What is it? Description here

ƒ€œPlease stay with me tonight.ƒ€
You are faced with the most difficult decision of your life; who will you choose as your one and only prince?
Midnight Cinderella is a love simulation/otome game with memorable characters who you will have a hard time not falling for!
Play to meet a whole cast of hot men – “ikǸmen” – characters in this beautifully illustrated game!

Everyday you will receive 5 free Chapter Tickets to progress in the story!
Experience a fairytale world of horse-drawn carriages, elegant gowns, and luxurious accessories.
Immerse yourself in a dream world of cute avatars and attire pieces!
Free to download and free to play! Anyone can play and attain a happy ending with the man of her dreams.

You, a commoner, have now become princess of the entire country of Wysteria!
The first job as “princess” is to find the prince who will rule beside you.
You soon find yourself surrounded with a cast of nine highly eligible bachelors…
However, you can only pick one!
Who will rule beside you at the throne?!

ƒ– Midnight Cinderella's Cast of Royal Candidates
ƃ¯Alyn Crawford
ƒ€œWhat can I do to make you mine?ƒ€
Captain Alyn Crawford protects the royal family from the fore of the Royal Wysterian Guard, the order of knighthood.
He might come off as a bit rough around the edges, but inside, youƒ€™ll find a guy willing to sacrifice anything for the one he loves.

ƃ¯Louis Howard
ƒ€œWhat is this feeling that pains me so?ƒ€
This young Wysterian duke boasts an otherworldly beautyƒ€”he’s undeniably elegant, and awfully cold.
Distant to all, you only wonder what the man inside is really like…

ƃ¯Giles Christophe
ƒ€œYour Highness possesses a talent for making me lose composure.ƒ€
Endowed with a keen intellect, the royal chamberlain is the main tutor of the princess elect
Though seemingly absorbed with his many duties, you soon learn that he also has other things on his mind.

ƃ¯Leo Crawford
ƒ€œNow that Iƒ€™ve held you in my arms, I canƒ€™t let you go again.ƒ€
With a flirtatious attitude to match his charisma, this playful bureaucrat can be seen hanging out in the halls of the palace.
You might be surprised to find out that this palace playboy also has a more serious side to him.

ƃ¯Byron Wagner
ƒ€œI want to keep you all to myself.ƒ€
The youthful king of Stein, a nation shrouded in mystery.
Rumors of the stern king, Byron, have made their way across the border. What is more surprising is that there also are rumors that he is an extremely beloved leader…

You get to choose! What will your happily ever after be like?
This is a love simulation/otome game of royal proportions!

ƒ– Cute Avatars for Every Princess to Enjoy. Dress Up Your Prince As Well!
Experience more interactive otome gameplay with the in-game avatars!
Horse-drawn carriages, stunning dresses, cute accessories all await you in this fairytale game.
Collect hundreds of attire pieces to adorn your avatar. Limited edition attire pieces are constantly being added so that you can always stay up to date with the latest trends! Characters from the story are also available as avatars!
Dress up your love interest for the perfect day out together.

ƒ– Enjoy In-Game Story Events for a New Experience with Your Suitor!
Story events often occur in the land of Midnight Cinderella. They are free and require no Chapter Tickets to continue reading! Play to experience exciting mini stories outside of the main story. Get into new situations with your favorite suitors, and clear endings to get bonus items and attire pieces!
Team up with your friends to clear the events faster and get every event ending!

ƒ– Recommended If:
ƃ¯If you love otome games.
ƃ¯If you love reading romance comics, shojo manga, or visual novels.
ƃ¯If you like whimsical fantasy worlds like in Cinderella
ƃ¯It is your first time playing a love simulation game
ƃ¯You love beautiful illustrations.
ƃ¯If you want to be doted upon by a hot prince

*1ƃ¯Æƒ¯Æƒ¯Free to Play ‹¬ˆIn-Game Payable Content Available‹¬‰

Tutorial for download Midnight Cinderella:Otome Game for PC

People who have played to Midnight Cinderella:Otome Game on PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista), Laptop or Mac, play with best controls, mouse and keyboard, they have an advantage!, they have improved their stats. Do not stay behind. Here the solution. With an Android emulator for PC!
Follow the next steps:

      1. First you will have to install an emulator of Android (Download link below) operating system in your PC, laptop or MAC. Follow steps of tutorial.
      2. After the installation and run emulator, configure it and add your Google account, remember “@gmail”.
      3. Once everything is OK, just open the official Play Store Official and Search Midnight Cinderella:Otome Game mobile game. Make sure it is the correct game, there are always similar applications or games.
      4. Once the installation is over, Tap the App icon in Menu to start playing.
        If is everything OK, Enjoy!
      5. Configure your new controls on PC, laptop or MAC. Enjoy more inches!
      6. Destroy all your opponents now!

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