Kingdoms at War: Hardcore PVP (Android, iOs) for PC

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Category: strategy
Requiriments: Android 2.2+
Official Link: Play Store
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Lead the mightiest army in the kingdom! Intense player vs. player MMORPG with epic clan wars, and battles!Face-off against millions of players, destroy their kingdom, claim new lands, battle ancient monsters, and seize rare items! Join a clan, fight your friends, and dominate in live PVP events! Who will be your ally in your mighty quest for domination!

No other MMORPG let's you hit anyone, anytime!

Power is yours for the taking! Form a Clan, hire allies, and plunder gold in Kingdoms at War: the ultimate fantasy-strategy game. Team up to defeat ancient monsters in Epic Battles, or fight against other players and destroy their kingdom. Play the ally market and hire your friends!

Command your army and prove your worth on the battlefield: CLAIM YOUR KINGDOM NOW! Play KINGDOMS AT WAR!

ǽӜ? Regular FREE updates with live PVP events and leaderboards!
ǽӜ? Join forces to form a powerful Clan and crush the competition!ǽƒ‚ª¶”
ǽӜ? Scout, assassinate, and steal from enemy kingdomsǽƒ‚ª¶

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