Clash of Kings : The King Of Fighters versi贸n (Android, iOs) for PC

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Clash of Kings : The King Of Fighters versi脗垄n Apk | Play on PC discussion

Editor: Elex Wireless
Category: strategy
Requiriments: Android 2.3.3+
Official Link: Play Store
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What is it? Description here

Clash of Kings : The King Of Fighters versi脗垄n from Elex Wireless is a popular strategy game; the download is currently available for iOS and Android devices allowing users of either device to delve into the intense multiplayer strategy mobile world that is the game. Clash of Kings is one of the hottest real time strategy games created for tablets and smart phones, opening the door to almost anyone who wants to give the game a try.

What’s Clash of Kings : The King Of Fighters versi脗垄n?

It’s an online game based around war and strategy where players aim to build a strong city and defend it from invaders while invading others to gain more power. While this is a real-time strategy game, a war game and players must keep this in mind as they build their city in order to create something that can withstand sieges from enemies and is capable of being their base while sending off the army to siege another city. As a strategy game, players must manage their resources in order to build a strong city and a strong army in order to defend against and attack other players. Thankfully, players do not need to compete alone against everyone else; instead they can become allies with other players and wage war together in order to take on stronger empires for strategic gain or for fun with friends.

It’s available on several different platforms for all types of players; on PC can be played via facebook. It’s available for tablets and smartphones that can tun the game, providing various ways to access and play the game which is perfect for a potentially addictive mobile game.



Clash of Kings : The King Of Fighters versi脗垄n for Android and iOS is a purely online game and cannot be played offline which may be troublesome to those looking to play it without much wi-fi access but at least the game is free to download and play! As expected with most free-to-play games, there’s a real money store for game items which hardcore fans will probably purchase from as there’s nothing ‘necessary’ about the items in the store.

This game provides constant action and interaction making it difficult to get bored even with extended hours of play; there is also the challenge of upkeeping the city and keeping it protected which in itself will be entertaining especially to strategy game fans. The constant game updates from Elex Wireless is certainly a huge bonus as it means will still be getting new content for all platforms it’s available on and will mean the experience on facebook or PC will only improve.

The features vivid fantasy graphics which certainly fit the game’s medieval setting; being a mobile game, the graphics are pretty good and the buildings do look very nice. The music is also pretty nice to listen to however it does loop and is a little bit obvious which can be distracting or ruin the music for some people.

Also uses real-time to build and create units which can be annoying for impatient players; basic buildings and units take a much shorter time to build. This is something most freemium management-strategy games use and players can opt to shorten the time by buying an item that speeds up the construction, research or development of whatever the player is currently working on.

The alliances feature is pretty important in the game, allowing players to work together to build up their cities or defeating enemies. Players in an alliance can aid I constructing buildings or provide reinforcements that could turn the fate of a battle in this war game. This feature makes the strategy game much more social than many other war games currently available on mobile. The alliance feature means that can be played with friends adding a new element to the war game.


Tutorial for download Clash of Kings for PC

People who have played to Clash of Kings : The King Of Fighters versi脗垄n on PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista), Laptop or Mac, play with best controls, mouse and keyboard, they have an advantage!, they have improved their stats. Do not stay behind. Here the solution. With an Android emulator for PC!

Follow the next steps:

      1. First you will have to install an emulator of Android (Download link below) operating system in your PC, laptop or MAC. Follow steps of tutorial.
      2. After the installation and run emulator, configure it and add your Google account, remember
      3. Once everything is OK, just open the official Play Store Official and Search Clash of Kings : The King Of Fighters versi脗垄n game. Make sure it is the correct game, there are always similar applications or games.
      4. Once the installation is over, Tap the App icon in Menu to start playing.
        If is everything OK, Enjoy!
      5. Configure your new controls on PC, laptop or MAC. Enjoy more inches!
      6. Destroy all your opponents now!

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